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Why wayward?

I’m writing again. My blog’s name has recently changed to wayward. Here’s why…

What does it mean to be a contrary people on a homeward journey, seeking to bring peace where they dwell? Wayward explores what it means to journey along the Way towards restored humanity, as part of a wayward people. Themes related to worldview, culture and identity frequently arise as I seek to gain understanding.

Wayward was initially known as the stir – referring to the action of disturbing still waters. Topics of popular discussion were stirred up, hoping to reveal the questions and beliefs driving them. In light of this, I described the human heart as a quiet pond that simply reflected its surrounding culture like a mirror, in need of stirring, so that the true self may surface.

I have since come across another pond metaphor used in Greek Orthodoxy. It furthers the act of stirring as I first conceived of it. Orthodox Fathers draw attention to the fact that the ripples on the surface and mud in the waters of the stirred pond must always return to a state of silence and clarity (hesychia). The inner silence of the heart is both the starting point and the final achievement of a wayward life. Stirring is now the act of guiding the human heart to reflect reality as it truly is and is becoming on the journey along the Way (hodos).

Wayward brings these two metaphors together, seeking to interpret, understand and speak into cultural narratives by which individuals, communities and societies understand reality and their own humanity, from which they aspire to live free and meaningful lives.


– Serv.


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